Guidelines For Talks

In order to ensure the best event possible, I recommend that we follow these guidelines. If specific circumstances require us to veer from this, please let me know and we can work something out.


I’m happy to sign books, whether for individual participants during the event, or simply to sign all of the books at once for sale in the bookstore.

It is difficult to travel with books, so ideally, the parish bookstore would order the books in advance from Ancient Faith Publishing, with a 40% bookstore discount (so that the parish can sell the books at the cover price for a 40% profit).

Bios and Promotional Materials

You’ll find photos and biographical information on this website, which you are encouraged to use when preparing promotional materials or crafting introductions, etc.

If you’d like me to put together a flier for an event, I’m happy to do so.

Speaker Fees and Travel Costs

Please plan to cover the cost of airfare to and from Austin, Texas, hotel lodging and to offer a speaker’s fee. Note that the fees should increase if there are several long presentations or if it’s a multi-day event.

Contact Me

Please us my Contact Form to inquire about scheduling a speaking event.

Notes on Zoom Talks

I have prepared a number of talks designed for Zoom (or other conferencing software).

I find that talks are more effective and interesting when they are interactive; we should be able to see each other’s faces and to ask each other questions. I appreciate seeing my audience’s faces to gauge reactions and to tailor my talk to the specific audience, and I believe that their experience is much improved when we get to know each other and enjoy a helpful Q&A at the talk’s conclusion. Thus I do not broadcast talks over YouTube or Facebook Live, but am happy to arrange for more interactive talks over Zoom.

Finally, I do think that Zoom talks should be fairly short, as attention spans are shorter online than in person.